The Centre Männedorf: with you - for you

You come from abroad, from a English-speaking country: Welcome to The Centre Männedorf. Even if you do not have a Swiss passport, you have not only duties but also political rights. Discover with the The Centre where even foreigners can vote and speak in politics in Männedorf.

To participate is to build the village where you live. The Centre makes it easy for you to integrate into this German-speaking world on the shores of Lake Zurich. Did you know that modern Switzerland was created in 1848 by The Centre and the radicals after a civil war? So with The Centre, you will join the original, one of the founding fathers of this country.

More safety in road traffic
thanks to the CVP Männedorf.

The Centre Männedorf's success stories

  • creation of the housing cooperation "Uf Dorf" which offers about sixty flats at a moderate price (1988-2008).
  • introduction of 30 km/h (20 mph) zones for more safety for children, cyclists and pedestrians (2003).
  • lower taxes (against the left and radicals; in 2006).
  • stop at the sale of public land along the lake (2012).
Support our efforts to improve the quality of life in your village - become a member of The Centre Männedorf.

The Centre and residents from elsewhere

Thanks The Centre
  • free movement of persons exists between Switzerland and the states of the European Union.
  • the bilateral route has been confirmed.
  • undeclared work is sanctioned.
  • persons to be protected or persecuted are granted asylum.
  • Switzerland's asylum policy is coordinated with that of the European Union.
In the future, The Centre wants to
  • fight against asylum abuse.
  • shorten asylum procedures.
  • continue to promote integration - especially of mothers - through targeted measures.
  • maintain Switzerland's humanitarian tradition.
  • promote Switzerland's interests in international organisations.